About the Journal

ISSN 2663-5712 (Online)
ISSN title: SWorldJournal
Abbreviated key title: SWJ
DOI: 10.30888/2663-5712

Publication form: Online peer-reviewed journal
Established: 2017
Publisher: D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, Svishtov
Country of publication: Bulgaria
Periodicity: quarterly
Languages ​​of publication: English, Bulgarian, Ukrainian
Type of publication: scientific journal
Scientific area: multidisciplinary
Target audience: students, masters, graduate students, applicants, researchers, candidates and doctors of sciences
Contents: original research and review articles
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The Editorial board includes more than 200 doctors of science, academicians
Chief Editor: Shibaev Alexander Grigoryevich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician

License terms: the authors keep copyright and also give the journal a right to publish original scientific articles containing the results of experimental and theoretical researches and are not under consideration for publication in other editions. All materials are spread on the license terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License International CC-BY, which allows others to distribute work with the recognition of the authorship of this work and the first edition in this journal.

Access: Public access. The journal adheres to the open access policy. All the articles are posted indefinitely and free of charge after the issue. Full-text access to the scientific articles of the journal in real time is available on the official website of the journal in section Issues / Archive.

The steps to ensure high ethical and professional standards, based on the Principles of clarity and the best practice of scientific publications were taken by editorial board. See the section Publishing ethics.

The publication of the scientific research results in hard-to-reach intramural publications determine some informational dissociation:
- interesting and useful developments become well-known only to a narrow circle of specialists;
- published data do not get the desired wide spread;
- there is no general coherence of the results of studying the same problem.

Consequently, electronic journals with open access start to get a wide spread. And, considering the means of communication development pace, all modern journals will not be able to exist without electronic versions available to the general public in the nearest future.

In this connection, the journal appears as a link between scientists engaged in various directions of research.

Getting acquainted with the journal content allows you to be aware of the most current developments.

Our journal is designed to provide an opportunity for authors to publish, providing the originality and novelty of their research.

The editorial office includes authoritative scientists.

The articles are reviewed by independent experts of the appropriate specialties from the permanent members of the Expert Council of the journal and involved members.

The journal adheres to the principles of open access in its work, any user of the site can freely view, download, print, make a link to any full-text article of the journal. Herewith, the user does not need to contact the author or the editor in advance for permission to use the information.

In our work we refer to the principles of the Budapest Open Access Initiative.

In addition, the editorial office orientate to the norms and principles of international organizations: Committee on Publication Ethics.

We hope that the "Scientific look into the future" will contribute to the development of science, be a guiding star for many young scientists and will become a tribune for discussing the theoretical and applied problems of modern science.